Saturday, February 7, 2009

live blogging GA feb 09 minitour

Hilken's car just broke down on the Mass Pike and we picked her up in our rocking mini-van. Good thing the trip from Boston to NoHo is a short one. Lloyd says he has cold PBRs waiting for us. Rainy just came into the van and told me that we have to follow a tow truck dude who is going to drop the car somewhere where AAA can pick it up. Developing ...


Rainy informs me that she just "killed" Sean at 20th anniversary edition of Galaga at the Framingham Plaza.

Also Rainy informs me that the tow truck driver informed us that AAA is supposed to tow from the Mass Pike. They alleged that they couldn't do it because they are lazy or overextended or both.


Hilken just informed me that the tow truck driver told us he himself is a famous rock star was the drummer in the band New England who penned the classic "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya"

Bring it!!!

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