Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gramercy Arms Music Player

Fresh Deer Meat Best of 2008 list!

The fine fine folks at Fresh Deer Meat have included Gramercy Arms in their best of 2008 list!!!! http://www.freshdeermeat.com/eatmore.php?id=63 Hurrah!!!!!!

Let's hear it for Fresh Deer Meat and their fantastic blog which we think you should visit regularly as one of your New Year's resolutions for 2009.


Gramercy Arms - Mascott This Christmastime - "Blue Christmas for the iPod Generation" (BBC)

The fabulous folks at 7 Digital are making it available for free download!!!

Reveal/Cheap Lullaby artist Gramercy Arms and NYC-based folk-pop chanteuse Mascott will release the single This Christmastime on UK label Reveal Records. Written and recorded at Crib Notes, Gramercy Arms’ studio in NYC, the song is a lovely and bittersweet collaboration between the two critically acclaimed artists, and features Mascott’s Kendall Jane Meade on lead vocal. Described as “honey-voiced” by Rolling Stone, Meade’s vocals are an ideal match to the sublime power pop production of Gramercy Arms, recently described by the Guardian as "an East Coast band dreaming of LA freeways and Bel Air pool parties.” An instant classic, This Christmastime was featured on the US show Grey’s Anatomy, and is well overdue for a proper UK release.

Featuring members of Guided By Voices, Luna, Joan As Police Woman, the Dambuilders and featuring a panoply of guest performances from comedienne Sarah Silverman, Nada Surf front man Matthew Caws, Lloyd Cole and others, indie supergroup Gramercy Arms’ new self-titled album is out now on Reveal Records. The Word (UK) described the songs as "woozily beautiful, sun, kissed, subtly well constructed things that suggest Teenage Fanclub touched by the all-American pop suss of Cheap Trick.”

Mascott’s latest, Art Project, was recently released on Red Panda Records. A recent reviewer described the music as “ a twist of Aimee Mann-styled attitude between hopeful harmonies and walking bass lines, creating a rich and uplifting sound that’s sure to turn the heads of soul, pop, and indie fans alike.” Mascott’s songs have also been featured on The O.C., a Starbucks new music compilation and described by the New York Times as “stately pop, wrapping vulnerability and longing in quietly radiant arrangements.”

Aled Jones recently featured it on BBC2 as featured song of the day!!!!


new mascott blog

check out the new mascott blog over at


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gramercy Arms Shining Bright EP Out Now in UK!!!!

Strictly Limited Edition 5 track EPCD


The lead track, “Shining Bright” on the new EP is a sweet slice of west coast power pop, but straight out of the east coast and taken from their new “Gramercy Arms” album. There’s also three brand new, non album Gramercy Arms songs here, that reveal a more pensive autumnal sound (in striking contrast to the summery feel of their album), plus a remix.

“Walking Around” with its mournful classic r&b flavour features gorgeous backing vocals from one of 2008’s most acclaimed stars , Joan As Police Woman, “Let’s not make this harder than it has to be,” croons Derby, in the song describing the pain of walking past his ex-lover’s apartment in New York City! The song was listed as hot track of the week at Sunday London Times December 14th 2008.

Mascott’s Kendall Meade and avant garde guitarist /songwriter Chris Brokaw lend vocals and guitar to the heartbreaking Raymond Carver-esque musical story of divorce and dissolution that is “Fell Apart.”


To buy visit


Buy Limited Edition 5 Track CD Format, exclusive to UK Independent Retailers



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oh and ...

Because it's the holiday season you can download the songs from the Shining Bright EP right here at our myspace page FOR FREE!!!!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gramercy Arms on Hottest Downloads at London Times

We are ecstatically honoured to announce that the bittersweet "Walking Around" from Gramercy Arms' Shining Bright EP just made the list of the London Times Hottest Downloads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

This Christmastime on BBC6

The uberfabulous BBC6 DJ Nemone played Gramercy Arms/Mascott's holiday single, "This Christmastime" on her show yesterday and added it to her lunchbox of music!!!!


We are huge fans of Nemone and her excellent taste in music and make listening to her show a regular activity. We think you should too!

metro mix

Nice piece on Gramercy Arms in Metro Mix here.
It's been too long since any of us have been in St Louis and we can't wait to go back!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gramercy Arms Show on Brooklyn Vegan

The fine folks at Brooklyn Vegan are running a very nice story (with quotes taken from Kendall Meade's guest blog about the show right here on OUR blog--how blogtastic is that?) about what was a very fun show this weekend at the Bowery Ballroom. Nada Surf and Delta Spirit were exquisitely, rockingly awesome. So great to play with wonderfully talented people who are also fantastic human beings. What a great night it was!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

a word from our mascott

mascott here. ridin' high from last night's gramercy arms (known as "g-arms" for the rest of this blog) show at the bowery ballroom. let me just say up front that i've been accused of being a pollyanna, but seriously, after hanging hard with g-arms last night, what's not to love?

i was asked to participate as a guest singer, but i soon realized my true calling at this event was to also be an observer. a few highlights from 12/06/08:

1)rehearsal was as hot as the show! watching kevin march, sean eden, hilken mancini, dave derby and sandy smallens play "automatic" together for the first time was amazing. it was as if they had been on tour for two months when they launched into it. i was pretending to be furiously emailing on my blackberry but was secretly in shock and awe. i know all the g-arms press releases are like "blah blah...this is an nyc supergroup...yadda yadda" but in person, in that tiny room, i really felt like "HOLY SHIT THIS REALLY IS A SUPERGROUP."

2)elk city in the house. can we talk about renée lobue? dave asked her to sing on three songs and it was amazing. the girl's got mojo, and was dressed to the nines, as usual. her vintage necklace had a large circular pendant that ruled...but more on that later. ray ketchem from elk city was also there, and was nearly thrown out on the cold street by a rogue security dude for attempting to film us with his flip camera. being the smart man that he is, ray got off clean.

3)let it snow. dave graciously invited me to sing "this christmastime," the holiday tune we recently released in the UK on reveal. i was nervous it would be out of place in the melodious and rocking g-arms set, but when sandy announced from the stage that he saw snowflakes falling outside, i felt better about things. seconds from walking onstage, my necklace fell off & broke. without a pause, renee took off her vintage necklace and put it on me, like a first place winner is presented with the gold. it was like a scene in a movie.

4)delta f*$*ing spirit. not only did this band lend g-arms their gear, they were seriously inspirational. so talented and full of passion. i don't think the term "phoning it in" ever crosses their minds.

5)matthew caws is not your average rock star. not afraid to come up during the g-arms set to sing his awesome part on "nothing i can do," caws also rocked with delta spirit on tamborine. i mean, most headling bands are out to dinner or talking to friends backstage when the openers play, but not this guy. he then went on to kick ass and play his amazing songs in front of a sparkly backdrop.

as the night went on i truly felt like i was lucky to be involved, and without knowing how to express myself, handed dave my two drink tickets. i think he knew what it meant.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Quick Before it Melts!

Quick before it Melts have listed Gramercy Arms as one of the Best of 2008!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mascott-Gramercy Arms This Christmastime on Fresh Deer Meat!

Check out the fabulous Fresh Deer Meat who are featuring a link to the single.


Let's hear it for their sublime taste and brilliance in starting the Mascott Appreciation Society!