Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dave is going to be giving a talk at Yale on Monday on the future of the music biz with his pal the esteemed singer-songwriter Mike Errico.

They will address the following questions:

"How is music-making and the business of music changing? How do artists survive in a changing landscape? What skills will they need? What, if anything, does it mean to be an independent artist today?"

Bring the noise, Professor Derby.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

views from the van

Here's Hilken's van being towed.

Here's sean watching New England on YouTube while we follow their former drummer who is towing Hilken's car.

Photos courtesy of Rainy Orteca.

live blogging GA feb 09 minitour

Hilken's car just broke down on the Mass Pike and we picked her up in our rocking mini-van. Good thing the trip from Boston to NoHo is a short one. Lloyd says he has cold PBRs waiting for us. Rainy just came into the van and told me that we have to follow a tow truck dude who is going to drop the car somewhere where AAA can pick it up. Developing ...


Rainy informs me that she just "killed" Sean at 20th anniversary edition of Galaga at the Framingham Plaza.

Also Rainy informs me that the tow truck driver informed us that AAA is supposed to tow from the Mass Pike. They alleged that they couldn't do it because they are lazy or overextended or both.


Hilken just informed me that the tow truck driver told us he himself is a famous rock star was the drummer in the band New England who penned the classic "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya"

Bring it!!!

on the road again

we have one more show tonight on our three show stint at the elevens in northampton, ma.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

mascott guest vlog

if you can't be in the band, you might as well hijack their blog. tonite i felt like mel from flight of the conchords, except that mel would never miss the first two songs of a conchords i did tonite at the g-arms show. it wouldn't have been a big deal but rainy is not yet prepared to forgive me, so i must suck it up and meet my maker. at least i have video proof of song #3...

Shining Bright with Renee LoBue

soon after i moved to a closer table to soak in the action:

Looking At The Sun

hilken, sean, rainy, dave & kevin were top notch on every song. then i almost had a coronary when they launched into my favorite dambuilders song ever...IDAHO!! the audience was filled fans of dave derby, so i feel i wasn't the only one that was having a serious '90s moment.


so all in all it was a totally great show...even thought i'll never get those first two songs back. The band is off to play Northampton and then Boston now, catch a show if you can.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gramercy Arms February Shows

Just letting you know in case you don't already know that we will be playing a string of shows this next week with our friend the ultrafabulous Mary Kate O'Neil who is releasing her brand new CD.

Thursday Feb 5, New York, New York - The Living Room at 8 pm (Mary Kate and band at 7)

Friday Feb 6, Cambridge, MA - TT the Bears at 10 pm (Mary Kate and band at 8)

Saturday Feb 7, Northampton, MA - The Elevens (with Mary Kate) - still waiting for confirmation on set time!