Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Uncensored Interview

The fine folks at Uncensored Interview--and they really are fine folks!--just wrote something nice about us on their blog

Five New Supergroups That Prove that Opposites Attract

Here's what they said: "Taking the concept of supergroup to a totally new level, Gramercy Arms’ only self-imposed limits seem to be geographical. The group’s comprised of a revolving collective of New York-based artists, including members of Guided by Voices, Luna, Joan as Police Woman, Dead Air and the Dambuilders and (RANDOM ALERT!) comic Sarah Silverman. Huh? If it sounds odd and confusing, it’s only appropriate: their subject matter, is after all, basically sex and the city. The result: a tightly wound, even more tightly edited 30-minute power pop (emphasis on power) album that’s as diverse, dirty, delirious and dazzling as a stroll on the sunny side of Bedford Ave. at 8 a.m. on a Saturday when the local swells are still stumbling home and the new yummy mummies are heading out for their daily double half-caf latte fix."

Sounds about right to us! Actually it sounds really nice. We also think this wouldn't be complete without a picture of Sean and Dave looking like deer staring into the headlights!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

119 with a bullet

Great news!! The debut Gramercy Arms took a HUGE jump up this week--it's 2nd week on the charts--to #119 on CMJ's Top 200. Top 100 here we come!

Radio 200 #1102 GRAMERCY ARMS, Gramercy Arms

TW LW 2W PK WKS Artist Recording Label
119 173 - 119 2 GRAMERCY ARMS Gramercy Arms Cheap Lullaby

Monday, April 20, 2009

"Looking at the Sun" on Chuck (NBC), Lenscrafters and June dates tbd!

We have three pieces of fantastic news to report here at Gramercy

1. "Looking at the Sun" from our debut record, "Gramercy Arms" is going to be featured in the upcoming April 27 episode of Chuck (NBC)!!!!!!!!
The show airs Mondays 8/7c
2. We've also received word that the song is going to be used in an upcoming campaign of really beautiful looking and cool Lenscrafters ads. We'll be providing you with details about that as soon as we get 'em.
3. We are currently booking shows for Boston, New York, Philly and a few other undisclosed locations for June-July with such fine artists as Versus, Plus Minus, Mary Timony's Pow Wow, Mascott and others. Details coming soon on that as well!

Friday, April 3, 2009


"Gramercy Arms" is now available in physical form in North America courtesy of the fabulous Cheap Lullaby Records!

The record has been available digitally and you can still find it at iTunes, Amazon and usual online suspects, but now you can support your local record store and own a copy with brand new artwork for the North American physical release.

Gramercy Arms is an ever (r)evolving collective band project of New York-based artists.

On this record, Gramercy Arms comprises members of Guided By Voices, Luna, Joan as Police Woman, Dead Air and The Dambuilders, along with comic Sarah Silverman, Their self-titled debut album is a summery blast of gorgeous power pop, heartfelt tales of love and loss and the city they call their home.

Clocking in at a lean and mean 30 minutes, bassist/vocalist Rainy Orteca (Joan As Police Woman, Dead Air) describes it as “the hottest thirty minute love affair available.”

The album is a celebration of all that is New York in its dirty-beautiful splendor. Musically Gramercy Arms is a classic New York sound--Dave Derby’s disaffected poetic sensibilities mesh with the guitar virtuosity of Sean Eden and Hilken Mancini in the grand Gotham tradition of the Velvet Underground and Television shot through with a love of seventies pop rock.

The album has garnered rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic and has received airplay on BBC2, BBC4 and BBC6.


“Oh Gramercy – we’re in love! … gorgeous conventional songcraft and sun-kissed vocals … laidback power pop, if that's not a contradiction in terms.
-Guardian UK

Sun kissed, subtly well constructed things that suggest Teenage Fanclub occasionally touched by the all-American pop suss of Cheap Trick. It's all at once woozily beautiful and incidental--or, as one Luna lyric had it, "The moment is eternal/for as long as it lasts."
-The Word

This kind of music should be easy to pull off … but the best kind of power-pop (and Gramercy Arms definitely belongs in that group) nails the intanglibles. It instinctually know what chord to hit next, when to drop to a minor key, when to let it loose. When members of varies indie luminaries (Guided By Voices, Luna, Joan As Police Woman) came together to make the album they—lucky for us—got it right.
- eMusic

Easily one of the best pop albums released in 2008 … Pop doesn’t get much better than this.
-Baby Sue

“Classic sounding pop.”
-Quick Before it Melts